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Custom Furniture for Life

Our collection of custom furniture is sure to impress and awe in any setting it is placed in. While we specialize in hall seats, extend-a-benches and hutches, we offer other pieces that are perfect to compliment your current or new set up. You will see in the level of attention and detail we place into each and every piece that we proud and excited about the work we provide. With a variety of wood species to choose from, there is a furnishing piece that will surely liven and accent your living spaces even more. Whether or not you decide to go finished or unfinished the result is the same. Beautiful, durable and functional works of art that will last you and your family for years and lives to come. To see further into our specific collections, look and click below. We hope you are impressed at what you see and look forward to working with you on your process to deliver a truly unique and remarkable experience that you can only get from Farmside Furniture.

Choose Your Species


Choosing your species of wood can be a challenging choice but rest assured that Farmside Furniture makes it easy by curating the finest choices made available to us. With the option to choose the basis of your furniture, you are truly controlling how each of your pieces will look and feel and age gracefully overtime. The species you choose will compliment with your nature and bring out the best in you and your home.

Choose your Stain

One to Fit your style.

After you've chosen your species, you are ready to take your next step on this furniture building journey. A finish can either drastically change the character of your piece, add subtle notes or cannot be applied at all to preserve the original look. No matter, the choice is ultimately yours to make and we will cater your request to the fullest to ensure that you receive the most beautiful piece of furniture you can imagine.